The Association for Business & Technology (ABT) exists to promote quality assurance of business and business-related programs and recognize excellence in business education.


The Association for Business & Technology


The “Association for Business and Technology” (ABT) is a sister organization to the Accreditation Educational Service (AES) which is the only specialized accrediting body exclusively for community colleges with Business and Technology programs. The ABT is a self-governing membership organization with its own elected governing board.

The formation of the “Association for Business and Technology” (ABT), is for the benefit of the heads (Deans, Directors, and Chairs) of academic Business and Technology programs and for their faculty, and is exclusively for the 1,200 Community and Technical Colleges that offer programs in Business and Technology.

In higher education, Business and Technology programs are the “largest professional field of study” in terms of the student credit hours generated in both the two-year and four-year institutions throughout the United States. In fact, it is four times larger than the second largest professional field of study, which is Teacher Education.

Upcoming Events

The 2014 AES / ABT Annual Conference of will be held in San Antonio, TX on October 15-17. 2014.

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